let’s talk rockers

or gliders, or fixed chairs, whatevs you’re using (used).  i am 100% aware that as a hopeful breastfeeding mom i will spend A LOT of time in said piece of furniture.  i’ve stalked the online situation for lots of feedback, but you guys know i want the real stuff.

what did you use?

what do you wish you’d have used?

what we’re some things you didn’t think about?

was fabric color an issue or not so much?

is an ottoman necessary?

what else do you have to say on this situation?

here are a few that we’ve found + we like…although some are a little pricier than what we’d planned to spend.  if anyone has direct feedback on these specifically PLEASE PLEASE let me know!!

the empire rocker


the sleepytime rocker


the leather finn rocker


the everly rocking chair


the linen finn rocker


hold nothing back…don’t let me waste my very few dollars please!!



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  1. Andrea
    4th April 2016 / 8:27 pm

    We used a glider from Babies R Us. We got almost everything there because they have good deals and coupons and they give you lots of money back and they have incredible customer service (at least the one in Buford does). We got a grey with white trim to match the nursery. Aaron didn’t want to get an ottoman but I insisted on it and now I can say I highly recommend it. There are many nights, especially during those first few weeks (or during the teething days) when that chair served as our bed. When your wee one needs. Aloft le extra love in the middle of the night, you won’t regret the investment you made in a comfortable glider and ottoman to rock you both to sleep. Oh and have a basket of really soft blankets on one side and a small table for a lamp, books, cell phone, water bottle, Chapstick, etc, on the other side. 🙂

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