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you guys.  today we’re getting real on the things that have kept me going through the first half of this gig (okay maybe not that dramatic, but you know).  i’ll be honest with you, before getting pregnant i was all “it can’t be that tough, right” (insert laughing emoji here).  we all just have some stuff that we need, want, crave, or whatevs.  and who says you can’t have them.  i’d love to hear what you made this season of your life a breeze.

these leggings.

i mean i think i have 5 pair.  i’ve been a legging everyday kind of gal for as long as i can remember.  i’m a diehard lululemon wearer, but they don’t offer maternity.  these aren’t nearly as thick + supportive as lulu’s, but they’re the best pair i’ve found in my hunting.  the belly panel comes up super high like i want need at this stage.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 5.03.00 PM

these kicks

i’m the manual labor of imperishable clothing co, so i’m on my feet all day long.  a few weeks after the belly started to grow my legs began hurting pretty badly, so my midwife recommended better shoes.  what she didn’t know is that i like to work barefoot, so any shoe was better…but let’s keep that between us.  i started working in them the day i bought them, and they’ve made a huge difference.  they’re so lightweight + cushiony.


this camelbak

okay for real i know this may appear to be a shameless plug, but it’s not that at all!!  you can buy one from anywhere not just us.  i’m not sure why it’s easier to get my what seems to be 13 gallons of water in a day with a bottle with a straw vs a bottle of water (maybe i’m a child, i don’t know).  please tell me someone else feels this way!


this oil

this jazz has been amazing!!  i’ve now started using it twice a day on any areas known for stretch marks.  my genes say they’re coming for me, so i’m trying my hardest to keep them away.  so far i have zero, and i contribute that 100% to this oil + the above mentioned 13 gallons of water a day.  hopefully they’ll stay away the entire time.


this shirt

no, it’s not maternity.  so if you’re not pregnant go buy it as well, seriously my friend + i keep wearing it on the same day…it’s that good.  i mean i own it in 7 colors.  when i first realized i needed maternity clothes i hit up ON, the store manager talked me out of buying maternity shirts that would be a waste after magnolia gets here.  she’s really a lovely lady, and i’m so glad she made me try these on.  5 out of 7 days you can find me wearing one + the leggings above.  you should also know i’m not sure what’s up with this gals hair, but it has absolutely nothing to do will how terrific the shirt is.


this bag

this was a pre-pregnancy purchase, but gosh am i glad i bought it.  it’s the perfect size to tote around everything i need, including the endless supply of snacks + my water bottle + heartburn chews + and whatever else i decide i need just because i’m pregnant.  plus i mean it’s so pretty, right.


this robe

i ordererd the bringing home baby bundle from freshly picked, but then started wearing the robe as soon as that baby had been washed.  I was in desperate need of something that would wrap around the continuously growning belly, but not feel super streched out just because i have a belly.  its so gloriously soft, covers enough that i can feel comfortable walking around the girls in it, + it has pockets so there you go.


last but not least, startbucks iced vanilla coffee.  i’m a double shot every morning, with pour over throughout the day type of gal.  when i developed an aversion to all things coffee i thought the world was coming to an end (gosh i’m dramatic).  now i won’t say this is a strong coffee drink, but it’s enough to mentally get me going + the vanilla keeps it just sweet enough that it mask any bitter coffee taste that’s left.  i’m not posting a photo for you because i just don’t really know how you artsy folks take a good coffee pic…feel free to teach me your ways.

i’d love to hear what some of your favorite pregnancy must haves were!!  i’d also love to find something to ease the itch of stretching skin, so if you’ve got a suggestion for that leave it in the comments!!



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  1. 13th April 2016 / 1:10 pm

    Love this! And that shirt 😉

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