first month favorites

you guys.

our magnolia is almost SIX WEEKS old.  how on the actual earth does that even happen?

(yes i really understand time)

i want to share the items that helped us get through her first month.  since she was teeny we didn’t get to use/wear all the lovely things we’d bought or were so kindly given…a literal shame, i know.

•solly baby wrap•

we have 2 already, and another on the way.  magnolia made her church debut after a week.  since she was 4.5lbs + i wanted to keep her from ALL the germs (although, i believe a handful of germs are A-okay).  the solly wrap was perfect for that.  i just wrapped her up all warm + snug, she L O V E S it.  we’re now full time baby wearers, like everywhere.

..and y’all, the colors + print available deserve all the heart eyes.



we bought the dockAtot mainly for traveling, but quickly realized it should be used daily.  magnolia takes naps in it everyday + has now started sleeping in it nightly.  we love it so much that once i started going back to work (to hang out), we ordered a second one for her naps there.  she snoozes so well in it + i’ve never questioned her safety in it.

..we’re currently traveling with it..

it was such a breeze getting through the airport, which was a little surprising.  we carried it on rather than checking it, just so it wouldn’t get ripped up (because that jazz happens).  she’s sleeping in just as she would at home.



if you follow us on the gram then you already know..girlfriend lived in l’ovedbaby her first month.  they carry a preemie/nb option that was only a smidge too big for her.  they offer amazing quality products + so many colors + the softness factor is stellar.  the kimono bodysuit is our favorite style, but now that she’s a little bigger we have several other styles for her.  i can’t wait for her to fit into her hoodies.

..our gal will be in l’ovedbaby until she stops fitting in it.


•ryan & rose•

when looking for paci clips (because i don’t want to keep picking them up off the ground) i realized there were SO SO many options.  ryan & rose clips are shorter than the others, which is so nice.  lindsey makes her clips shorter for safety reasons, this length helps to prevent strangulation in the crib + on the go (that was the selling point for me).  you can also snatch up a few natursutten while you’re there…which magnolia loves.


•the crafted co•

guys, this gal has a rough head of hair.  she’s got a little length in the back + some sporadic peach fuzz everywhere else.  so with that said, she has to wear bows.  we have tons of bows y’all, but we especially love these little boogers.  i like the simple bow the best, it’s just a great size for her little head.  but we already have a few of the larger ones on our wish list when she’s a little bigger.

..and these little prints are so sweet!!


shirt | bloomers

i know that was a long read, but totes worth it.  we stand by these products ++ we want to share with you!!  head to our business gram – here – and enter a little giveaway we’re doing with each of these brands.




  1. catalyn924
    14th September 2016 / 3:44 pm

    LOVE this post! Here’s to hoping I win!

  2. Tina
    15th September 2016 / 11:57 am

    She’s so beautiful! Congrats mama!!!! I appreciate you taking the time out to recommend these products! We are due with our 5th little any day now and I can’t be anymore excited!!!

  3. Jennifer Martin
    15th September 2016 / 12:19 pm

    I’m so excited to find you on Instagram!! Great blog! I entered the giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win so many awesome products!!

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