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guys (or gals) it happens, sometimes we get behind + forget to buy the gifts on our list. here are a few of my favorite ideas for last-minute gifts.  you totes don’t have to listen to me, but if you’ve got a new mom on your list she may have all the same feels as me.  – disclaimer : i was going to be super lazy + not do a Christmas gifts post, but my friend Caitlin over at confessions of a northern belle brought it up in this AMAZING little group text we have, so i figured i better do it + stop neglecting my blog.  head to her’s + grab a few more ideas.

this ring is my new favorite thing.  i’m obviously a TOTAL mom.  i ordered it in magnolia’s birthstone, because duh.  there is also a ready to ship section on lisa leonard’s site.

ya’ll gifting is my jam, like for real.  i dream of owning a curated gifting company.  but until then, there are several great ones out there.  i love box fox, i’ve ordered from them before + so so great.  their website states to contact them for Christmas delivery! 

i’m so into dainty rings, yes still.  audry rose has so many pretties!!  and they’re still shipping for Christmas!  they have stacking rings starting at $10, but also have lovely jewels ranging into the higher priced monies (if you’re into that sort of thing (if you are please send me some too, thanks)). these three are my favs – here + here + here

i could really just say drybar + move on. but i won’t.  guys, i know your gal is still looking amazing with that new mom hair, but she probs doesn’t feel that way.  so really her favorite gift would be you saying “babe you’re smokin hot while wearing that baby” but that’s a different post for a different day.  until then, i 128% (i’d hate to overdo it) recommend anything from the drybar lineup + nordstrom is still offering Christmas delivery on so many items!!  the four pack is a great starting point.  quality hair products work for anyone on your list.  I bought several four packs and broke them up to go with our model’s Christmas gifts, so easy stocking stuffers as well!! or book her a day to herself at a drybar location.

but if her hair really is a hot mess…i’ve worn one of these two hats the last 5 days in a row.  so obvi my hair is a hot mess.

super slouch beaniematador hat

if she’s looking for a new hobby.
to keep her chocolate milk  water cold.

the most beautiful journaling bible.

framebridge for baby photos!!  i think you’ll have to do a gift certificate at this point.  but fun fact, i ordered a museum size print a few weeks back of magnolia…it was an accident i have zero idea of where i’ll put it. 

anthro is offering 30% off their best gifts right now.

this candle smells so so so lovely.

i love the items on this list that i already have + i’d be so excited to receive any of the ones i don’t.  i hope you find what you’re looking for, but if not as long as you find Jesus you’re doing pretty swell.

also shameless plug – you could always just buy her a gift card here.

i hope you have a very merry Christmas.


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