we decided to finish out 2016 with a fun little staycation. richard took the entire week off so we just bebopped around. it was so so nice having him with us for all the ins + outs of the day. and it didn’t hurt that i got a few extra minutes of sleep when he went in for the morning magnolia snuggles.

we just hung out at home a few days + worked on fun stuff. i made a new pinterest for the blog – they are so pretty and clean when they’re new + you haven’t pinned 19.3 billions things. i cleaned out magnolia’s closet + started a site to sell some of it. neither of us are super sentimental, and we’re hoping to move into our tiny house in the next month or two, so away it goes. head to oh now we have a baby goods, if you want (eventually i’ll list some stuff). we left our Christmas tree up, don’t judge us. we also watched documentaries, apparently magnolia is into long distance running.

my shirt | magnolia’s shirt  – haha

colette the cat

we also hit up some of our favorite spots while he was home. read we went to atlanta three times. we tried to try a new spot as well, miller union…magnolia had other plans. thankfully they boxed my meal up + i was able to eat it on the way home. i totally recommend the griddled chicken with butternut squash, dandelion, pecan, cranberry + crispy quinoa. it was top notch, even in the car with a plastic fork we grabbed from a gas station.

but she’s so cute, right?? also i can’t even handle my bald baby in this boho headband from billy bibs. and her romper from little adi + co is currently only $16!!!  it’s so cute guys.

here are some of our favs in atlanta if you’re ever in the city looking for somewhere to go (these are just a few of our regulars that we hit up last week, there are so many great places to eat in atlanta).

jeni’s – because duh.

figo – i could eat pasta every day of my life guys.

w.h. stiles fish camp – although we really love all of ponce city market.

little tart bakeshop – because bakeshop, hello!

yeah burger – you guys have been here, right??

octane – we’ve seriously driven to atlanta just for coffee before.

yes, all of the above mentioned places are kid friendly (see photo below from octane). although figo doesn’t have a changing table…which should be against the law in my opinion.

moccs | romper | headbandannicke mouse  | pierre | doona car seat (the best purchase we’ve made with her).

we also took her to fernbank. obviously not because she can grasp the concept of a natural history museum, but because it’s something to do. i will say that i don’t feel like the museum has been updated (or dusted) since i was a kid going on field trips. that wasn’t three years ago. the outdoor walkway is super nice though, even on a chilly, rainy day. regardless, we still enjoyed the day.

solly wrap | magnolia’s hat + sweater

all in all we had a great week with richard at home. i wish this was every week, but i suppose we have to have jobs. and yes, we mostly just took photos (mostly for our gram story) of magnolia doing the same thing at a different place, haha…isn’t that the point of a baby (that’s a joke folks). but really this is how we will save all of these memories, remember when i said i wasn’t sentimental, haha.

we’d love to hear about some of your favorite staycation must do’s!!



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  1. Karen steele
    7th January 2017 / 10:45 pm

    Love it!

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