okay, if you’re a mom you know the swaddle game is strong with these newbies. i mean healthychildren.org says “a blanket wrapped snuggly around your baby’s body can resemble the mother’s womb and help soothe your newborn baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says that when done correctly, swaddling can be an effective technique to help calm infants and promote sleep” – full article here.

babies love them, they still crave that womb feeling. mamas like to instagram them (zero shame guys, zero). they’re good for nursing (unless you’re a free the boobs type – good for you sista). they’re good for snuggles. they’re good for diaper changes. they’re good for spit up messes (y’all know magnolia is crazy). literally one of the most useful baby items you’ll own.
but there are like thousands of choices. which is so stinking overwhelming, am i right? while i was pregnant i read a blog post saying it’s safe to have an average of 16-20 swaddle blankets. i thought that blogger had lost her mind. now magnolia is five months old + we probably have a rotation of about thirty (once again, y’all know magnolia is crazy). we’ve gotten some pretty awesome ones + we’ve gotten some pretty janky ones. i’m just going share our favorites with you + they’re all insanely cute y’all.

modern burlap

samantha is great y’all. everything she offers is black + white (here’s why). the prints are so great ++ she offers swaddles with scripture…so duh of course we love MB. magnolia has several from MB + they’ve all held up great.

little unicorn

these prints guys. they’re so great. magnolia has way too many things from little unicorn. i mean we have like 10 of these swaddles. plus they absorb ALLLL of magnolia’s spit up so well. they have a few material options, and while we own a few of the deluxe swaddles, we really love the cotton swaddle the best!

headband | phone teether | pants

aden + anaias

yes, you all already use these, right? aden + anais is such a huge brand, they’re available practically everywhere. we’ve gotten a few from gap + target + babies r us. i’ve found that these, especially our pink + white stripe, are super thick. they are great on the occasional days that we have chilly temps here in georgia.

turban | paci | annicke mouse | carseat

so these are just a few of our favorites. i love that they’ve just flow with our needs. she use to get swaddled up so tightly for everything, but now they’re just used for whatever else we need. we’d love to hear your go to swaddle brand. until then i’ll just keep overgramming magnolia + her blankets!! sorry.


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