moving on

if you read my last post you know our little family is going through lots of changes currently. we obviously like to do all the things at once. part of the peace that came with downsizing (or whatevs we’re calling it) the business was that we’d found a tiny little old house. we’ve had this little house on our hearts for a while, and have even had it under contract for several months. we finally closed and have started moving in this weekend!!

with this huge (or tiny) blessing also comes a little sadness. while we’ve only been in our home for a short year and a half, we’ve done so much in that time. so many memories were made, parties were had, showers we hosted, way too many pampered chef parties took place (here’s my sistas link if you need to check it out –here). so many great things.

i told richard i was sorry i moved us so far away from places he could possibly work. he reminded me that had we not have moved into this home, we may have missed out on fostering. and even if we had of fostered in a different home it wouldn’t have been the same kids. we would’ve never known the sweet little steps walking to our room in the morning. we would have never experienced the struggle of potty training a behind schedule, spanish speaking, almost four year old. never known her sweet voice singing good good father ALL THE TIME. never experienced the heartbreak of a sassy nine year old when visitation plans changed. never caught the secret smiles when she didn’t think anyone was watching. we wouldn’t have experienced all of the try everything (thanks zootopia) duets from both girls in the car. never witnessed the excitement every time we drove past “iglesia”. we wouldn’t have fielded questions on what it means to be a Jesus follower, and we wouldn’t have seen that same sassy nine year old make the decision to become a Jesus follower.

this home is also the place i found out after five long years that i was pregnant. and the same place that i experienced morning sickness for my entire pregnancy. the first place i felt magnolia kick. the bedroom i woke richard up in so early in the morning so he could feel her kick. the same home that we brought our tiny little girl home to. where she learned to roll over and sit up. where we took silly photos under her first Christmas tree. her room where i’ve spent DAYS nursing her. her room that we spend the majority of our time in. the home where my sweet baby has spent the first six months of her life.

we knew this wasn’t our forever home. and this next one may not be either. but it’s been a great home. i hope that i always remember the memories we’ve made here, but i’m so excited for the memories we’ve yet to make in our new home.

so happy half birthday magnolia, we bought you a new house.



  1. Karen Steele
    6th February 2017 / 10:18 pm

    So sweet… brought tears to my eyes.

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