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okay so here’s the thing, richard + i just don’t really love baby stuff. phew i said it. that doesn’t mean we’re stalling her development, it just means we have to do most of our shopping online rather than popping into babies r us. if you like baby stuff that’s totes okay, you do you.

so when we found finn + emma i was so excited. i mean guys, wooden + hand knit toys – consider me sold. even better, we realized they’re an organic + eco safe company – now they’ve sold richard.

finn + emma stroller set | headband

we ordered the finn + emma play gym in birch before she was even born. i really loved the look of it + the frame is made from 100% birch wood, so i knew it would fit in well within our home. the wooden toys + knit rattles are interchangeable, so we’re able to grab one off the frame + hit the road. she loves it now that she can reach the toys + sit up to play with them. but just for fun, here’s a throwback of her first experience with it. please note her feelings are no longer the same – but also. insert all the crying emojis because, oh my gosh my tiny little baby is now six months old.

see. she can reach the toys now.

magnolia has just entered the teething game – read a mamas worst nightmare (feel free to shout amen sista). she’s had a tough time with it. i’ve found she’s super keen on the hard wooden teethers right now, i’ve read some babies find real relief in the rigidity of these. so we’ve gotten her an assortment, because duh one isn’t enough when they offer hedgehogs + poloroids + squirrels. finn + emma’s wood toys + teethers are made from untreated Indian hardwood, finished with vegetable seed wax, + filled with indian cooking beans. so they’re super safe for her little mouth ++ we can really get a dance party going when we use them as maracas.

also, can we take a minute to talk about georgia’s weather right now? #nopantsmagnolia loves it ++ we just got ourselves a fun new front porch.

but also unrelated to toys. guys, these little footies.

they’re 100% G.O.T.S. certified organic cotton (it’s so soft ya’ll), eco-friendly inks and dyes, lead and nickel free snaps with coconut inserts (these snaps are so darling). magnolia has the silver birch, but i think we’re going to snatch up the other options as well – i really love the fairytale.

do you see how sweet she is?? ohmygosh.

my point is that i’m probably about to hop on over to finn + emma and grab magnolia more footies. so if you also like a high quality baby + kids brand that happens to not be completely focused on primary colors, head on over. also friends, these would be such a hit at a baby shower – you’re welcome for that tip! haha.

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  1. Abbey Reese
    21st February 2017 / 8:21 pm

    ahh these are all so cute!! is it too early to start a baby wishlist?! #someday 😍😍😍

  2. 21st February 2017 / 8:22 pm

    Amen sista (to the teething) but for real maybe we should get Teagan her own rather than her always stealing magnolias! Her favorite is the little hedgehog!

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