the breastfeeding game

okay friends. let me start by saying this is a post about breastfeeding. no it’s not full of photos of me nursing, don’t worry. but if breastfeeding makes you uncomfortable then please don’t feel like you have to hang around, my feelings won’t be hurt if you skip this post. i’ll talk about something fun + pretty in the next post.

so moving on, we’re almost seven months into this breastfeeding game. we’re pretty solid at it now, but man did things start out rocky. i mean those first two months were pretty rough. when magnolia was born, she was pretty tiny + i had have an over-supply + forceful letdown.¬†now before you say “oh that’s a good problem to have” let me tell you it’s not always. unless you have perfect milk production (is that real??) then you have struggles + LOTS of tears. and i for one think we oughta all quit making one another feel bad for those struggles. i mean choking your baby is zero fun ladies, ZERO. so because magnolia was too small to handle things + i’d tried to make it work for far too long, we were strongly urged to supplement with formula to plump her up quicker, she still wasn’t back to her birth weight. that was tough, i wanted to be able to provide for my baby + this doctor guy was over here telling me i wasn’t.

i moved on. fed is best. and that was the only way to actually provide for my baby.

so magnolia nursed + got a bottle of formula afterwards. it was no big deal. she grew a little bit every week + after two months our doctor said we could try EBF and see how things went. so here we are.

yeah right. this kid is a diva. once we got the okay we did go to EBF, but turns out magnolia had a dairy intolerance + a mama who could probs live off dairy. i mean you’ve met my friend ice-cream, right?? also do you know what has dairy in it? EVERYTHING is the answer. so we cut dairy out, for months. at around five months they said i could start trying to incorporate it back into my life…hallelujah. and she’s been fine. i know some mama’s have to stay off dairy for much much longer, so girl i feel for you. and yes for the record, i know i can survive without dairy + it’s better that my baby is healthy. but cheese guys, all the cheese.

next she went through a hard-core growth spurt and i made the mistake of letting her snack – y’all snacking is bad when your breastfeeding. when she snacks she doesn’t completely empty my breast. which can lead to a super fun little infection we call mastitis. i felt super weird one morning, but just continued on with my day. seriously, walking around target like a crazy person. when i came super close to passing out i knew something was wrong. by the time richard got home from work, neither of us was sure of how i’d managed to stay awake + keep our baby satisfied…let’s pause to say, the Lord gives a mama what she needs to keep her baby safe. He knows what we need when we need it, it’s 100% insane…i’d passed out within minutes of him walking in the door, and didn’t wake back up for hours. mastitis is no joke. so much pain. but the most recommended treatment is to just continue nursing.

so here we are almost seven months in. we’ve shed tears, we’ve had SCREAMS, we’ve spit up (okay only one of us), we’ve had scary moments of weight¬†loss (and why wasn’t i the one with that problem??), we’ve cleaned milk from every square inch of our home + car, we’ve tried new things, we’ve tried new products, we’ve failed a lot, but we’re now successful + it’s a super easy part of our day.



so with all of that said, i thought i’d share some of my favorite breastfeeding things that got us to where we are now.

milkies milk savers

ya’ll these little things are amazing!! they literally catch your excess milk. then you pour it in a storage bag and move on. if you have a forceful letdown they’re so great at taking the edge off before you get super uncomfortable, or have to nurse. no lie, i don’t pump..EVER.. i use these, we have stored milk, + nobody is fooling with that stupid machine. yes some of you are working out of the home so you have to pump, i get that…but pumping is the worst + my assumption is you agree.



these little boogers are jam-packed with good stuff. plus life with a baby is quick, you need a snack that’ll move with you!! or you can eat while nursing. the peanut butter chocolate chip is my favorite, but i think they’re all pretty swell.


burp cloths

after so much trial + error, we found these to be the best for us. magnolia spit up a lot, and we have an abundance of milk over here. i’ve found the nice loose weave of the muslin to be the best fit for absorbing. plus they come in pretty prints, so…


nursing cover

i love my covered goods cover. i knew i wasn’t going to be a restroom breastfeeder – and i don’t think anyone should feel like they have to, but that’s another story for another day – but i also didn’t feel like i had to be completely visible, not because i’m against it, but because we’re messy. this cover slides right over, it’s lightweight (which is amazing), i can still see magnolia if need be. IT CAN GO IN THE WASHING MACHINE. it just worked best for that season of life. we’re not using it for nursing very often anymore, but we do use it for a multitude of other things, like when this maniac tries to eat the high chair bar..your kid does that too, right?



i obviously don’t need a link for that. i drink a ton of water, literally over a gallon a day. but the few days i don’t get in my normal amount of water are tough, i can tell a huge difference. i got sick around Christmas, + my supply dropped tremendously. i tried all sorts of things to get it back. but then as soon as i went back to drinking a ton of water, BAM!! there it was again.


i also believe in eating foods that aren’t necessarily great for you. haha. i went on a diet a few months ago + things got so tough. as soon as i went back to ice cream + cookies we were golden!!
what were your go-to items while nursing?? leave them in the comments, they may help out a fellow mama working to stay afloat during this season!!


to end this with my point in telling you all about our BF journey is to say, feed your baby. nobody cares how it gets done or how tough the trip is or what tools you use to do it, just F E E D your baby + you’re not alone in any of the struggles, even if it’s just what bottle do i use?? women have been crying over feeding babies for like ever + will prob continue to for years to come. find a friend, actually open up to them about the tough road, and let them offer some support. i have a few go to friends, who didn’t know the impact their support had at the time + i am forever grateful for them.



  1. Jeanette
    28th February 2017 / 10:31 pm

    Every doctor that told me BFing didn’t hurt lied to me. It hurt for the first 8 weeks. The book “Breastfeeding Made Easy” by Miskin helped me a ton. Mostly because it didn’t make me feel bad about putting Jack on a nursing schedule or not comfort-nursing.

    • ohnowwehaveababy
      1st March 2017 / 1:59 am

      so true!! it’s not walk in the park. i’ve never heard of that book!! i totally agree, getting magnolia on a schedule was so great!!

  2. Tiffiney
    16th March 2017 / 2:47 am

    My little one is 7 weeks and he is EBF. I freaked out at first because he spit up almost every feeding in the beginning and I thought oh am I going to have to eliminate foods?! His ped told me as long as he is gaining weight it’s fine… esophagus flap isn’t strong as newborn… It’s getting better but I feel you on the spit up. One laundry load I counted 13 burp clothes in a matter of 3 days! It’s easy to think it’s a ton of spit up but may only be a tablespoon or two. I recently got the hakaa silicone breast pump (suctions on while nursing) which I use as a milk saver and to think of all the milk wasted before purchasing it! Your Magnolia is such a beautiful baby!

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