guys, a shopping cart hammock.

so…i like to shop. like a normal amount (that’s a lie, i shop all the time). but it’s a struggle because where do you put the baby + where do you put all the things you don’t need to buy but clearly are buying? it was a little easier when magnolia was in the wrap, but once she started checking everything out she wanted out of that jazz…yes i was the mom drinking my starbucks with a screaming banshee in target, whatevs. after doing some instagram stalking research i found the binxy baby shopping cart hammock. y’all. a shopping cart hammock? do they come in my size? oh no, sorry. but they do come in magnolia’s size.

so we decided to give it a shot. it arrived the very same day magnolia got those pesky little six month shots. girl was a screaming hot mess alllllll afternoon long. if you saw the video i made you’d think she was legit insane, yes i made a video – #priorities. we weren’t sure this was the right time to test out something of this nature, but we did it anyways. y’all, i hammocked this baby in the publix cart and she mellowed out in like three seconds. i kid you not. she could see me, she could see all the lights, she could see everyone walking by telling her she was perfect (they obvi didn’t see us before we put her in the cart), she thought every piece of produce we put in the cart was hilarious – because broccoli is silly guys. i mean can’t you hear the giggle through this photo.

no lie, it was one of our best shopping experiences ever. i cannot imagine how helpful it would be with more than one kid. plus it can hold a car seat. y’all. what?? so say your sweet baby is sleeping, as i’m sure some of you get to experience on a regular basis, just use the seat attachment strap and go on with your business. insane.

we’ve since used it a ton of times, never with negative results. she really loves being in it. each time we’re out using it we get stopped by so many people with questions, who want to see how it works, or are concerned about where you put your groceries if you have a full cart. it’s super easy to use, i’ve had no problem attaching it to the cart, while holding magnolia, without richard being there. i’ve also made one trip where we bought diapers, toilet paper, paper towels, and groceries – no problem fitting my stuff with my baby.


we’ve used it at home depot..the fellas in the lumber department think it’s the funnest thing around. and she can reach her toes for snacking, so she considers it a win.¬†also we’ve been to our new home depot entirely too many times guys.


seriously, it’s a genius idea + you can take fun photos of your kid. so if you’re struggling in the store, don’t waste your time + tears. just order the thing. we have it in the triangle option, but they have several other options available…including black.

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