when your gal pals come to town

this weekend one of my high school besties was in town. she’s moved too far away + i never see her. she’s pretty okay, so it’s sort of sad. like for real, the person i ate muffin mix, in my sweatpants, in my waterbed (different story for a different day), while talking about boys (okay it’s been the same boy since i was 14) with. we’d semi lost touch after high school, you know life + all. but then we realized we were due with our girls just one day apart…guys that’s the most fun ever!! these sweet babies have allowed us to reconnect + i literally talk to her everyday.

i added her + two other friends into a group text just after all of our girls we born, it’s been one of the best decisions i’ve ever made. i should add that the three of them have still never met. it’s just been this super easy, judgement free, i’m probably failing big time at mommin group text…if you don’t have one of these get you one, like yesterday.

okay so back to the story. rowan + magnolia are just ten days apart (they’re both divas + neither made it to their due date). tori + i we’re able to chat throughout the majority of our pregnancies (the good, the bad, + the weird). y’all that’s the best thing you can do for a friendship…share the weird. she was one of the first people to get a photo of magnolia when she was born (because she lives 4 stupid hours away), we talked one another off the ledge when neither of our babies followed the birth plans we had in mind, she’s heard all about my kids poop, we’ve shared all the ups + downs over the last year.

we met up a few months after the girls were born, for like 7 minutes at a holiday market. totes not enough time, but i’ll take what i can get. so when tori told me they’d be passing through i asked richard to set aside some time so we could spend a handful of minutes with them. of course he’s a good catch, so we did + he suggested we meet up at one of my favorite spots.

time out – if you don’t know about mac lab, well know you do. it’s been our go to spot for years. if you’ve ever been to an event for imperishable clothing co then chances are you’ve had one or seven of them. they’ve just become a world wide phenomenon with their unicorn macaron…which is so so lovely. but my favorite flavor will always be the rose!! 

y’all. it was so so so great to spend a little time with tori + rowan + john. it was the first time the guys have ever met. i don’t think they hated one another. we gave the girls macarons (don’t send me a hateful email about that), we talked about random things, we let the girls play as much as two babies can. it was so nice. i am so thankful the Lord pushed us back to one another.  running side by side with tori in this season of life has been a huge blessing. 

also, yes they showed up twinning in their mustard.

yes, i know. this is the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen.

i’ve been fortunate to have a number of super amazing friends right in the smelly baby trenches with me. i hope you have that too. if not i strongly encourage you to pray about who that can be for you, or comment here or on my gram post that you’re looking for someone + maybe you’ll meet someone new. mommin is hard + we need these people. 


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  1. Heidi
    14th March 2017 / 5:24 pm

    Cute!! Love that they were twinning! Yes, having girlfriends who know exactly wha you are taking about and can sympathize helps so much!! Wish there was a pic of you two though!

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