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we’ve been in our new home for just under two months now. to be honest, we thought the transition to a tiny little house would be a rough one. i mean we like our space as much as the next person, and let’s be real we have an almost eight month old who likes to use her lungs occasionally. we were so wrong. it’s been so great. i haven’t felt cramped, or like i don’t have privacy for the things i need privacy for, not overwhelmed by richard + magnolia all up in my space anymore than normal. i get that this may not work for everyone. but if you’re thinking of downsizing for a simpler life, i encourage you to do it!! now i will also add that we still have a storage unit of stuff we can’t fit in the house, we will slowly but surely be officially downsized..i hope.

this week i thought we’d share some of the changes we’ve made over the last two months. as some of you may remember, we’ve moved into an 80 year old home just off the main street in our new little town. the house has already been renovated, but we use that term as loosely as possible. not everyone is a qualified fixer upper, but we bought the house nonetheless. we have a lengthy list of changes, repairs, and updates we want to make over the next few years since we plan on being here for a while (currently we’re saying forever but we will see).

with this house i’ve decided to go for a cleaner, no clutter, simpler approach to decorating. i tend to be a little more free-spirited normally. i mean i like stuff + if i like it, i use it and it all just makes me happy. i went a little cleaner mostly because richard isn’t letting me put too many nail holes in the tongue + groove walls. so i’m doing lots of wall leaning..which is only going to last until magnolia is on the move.

we started with replacing light fixtures, although we’ve only gotten three of them done. y’all ceiling fans are ugly + i cannot find any that i like. anywhere. for any amount of money (not that we’d spend it, but you get the point). i’m a huge fan of mixing modern/contemporary elements with the old. so far we’ve updated the dining room, kitchen island, and front porch lights. if you follow us on instagram you’ve probs seen the GIANT¬†grapevine island light they thought was the selling point of the home. if you loved it please don’t take offense, it’s just not my style.

here is an example of the lighting style the house came with. we’re hunting a ceiling fan for this room. also this is our furniture holding room, ha. it’ll be cohesive once we start swapping things out for new items. until then please don’t judge my mauve sofa + pink ottoman + grandpa chairs too harshly!!

light found here

light found here

light found here

we’ve also repainted the entire house (that’s a lie, i still have a bathroom to paint). i knew i wanted a white house for like ever. richard did not. it took forever to get him on board. but he’s come over to the right bright side + i think he loves the white too. we went with snowbound from sherwin williams, after looking at what felt like 37488373783 white options.

wall hangings found here

while we’re here, yes this is a HUGH print of magnolia. i ordered it from framebridge in the middle of the night one night + read the size description so wrong. i mean it’s huge y’all. so judge away, whatevs. we’ve already paid for it so it’s got to go somewhere. also this will eventually be our library, once we decide which books make the cut. downsizing from a full library to this tiny shoe rack isn’t going to be fun.

we’ve also had to do some work on our cabinets. we had to install shelving in them (because that makes sense, right). we’ve fixed all the wonky doors that weren’t installed in the right place. and we’ve added pulls + knobs to all the doors. we will eventually tackle painting the cabinets, but that could literally be years down the road. however, on fabulous quality of our home is this over the sink window!! ya’ll i love it so much!

come back tomorrow for our in progress front porch update!!


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  1. Heidi
    27th March 2017 / 2:15 pm

    It looks just lovely Nicole!!! You’ve done an amazing job in such a short amount of time!!! I love the new light fixture in the eating area! I was shocked at how expensive lights were so I elected to buy our own lights from different resources! A ton of work, but saved lots of money! I ordered most of mine from (no tax, free shipping!). I loved this site because they have a “project” folder where you could name your project (Riley House, Riley Casa…) and put all of the lights you are interested in while looking at others. They also have a another great feature, Compare!!! You can hit “compare” up to like 5/6 lights and literally see pics/specs of all lights together and see what you like about each. It also compares size, wattage…all that good stuff and helps you narrow it down if your having a hard time! I orderd 4 ceiling fans from them! I’ve been able to let go of the ceiling fans in great room & master (all for looks) but the other bedrooms and our screened in porch needed them so it was a great source (I too hate the look of ceiling fans BUT they are necessary in the hot south!). I love the look of the modern ceiling fans too and would totally go for it! I got the cutest galvanized warehouse pendants for my mudroom and 3 task lighting sconces for over my kitchen sink from (was NOT going to pay SchoolHouse Electric prices) . If you find a light you like, just search their site for the brand-you’d be shocked at the brands they carry. For additonal lights I also used Wayfair, Ballard &! All excellent sources! I splurged on two large Circa Eugene Pendants for my Island. also had tons of other things for house/home-wish I’d found them sooner in my process (seriously, plumbing hardware….)! OH, use 3M hooks to hang pics/mirrors in your house-won’t damage the wall and you’d be shocked at how strong they are!! Love it girl, keep up the great work! Love your style!

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