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so day two of our week of home post goes to our new house numbers from modern house numbers (MHN). y’all these little guys are so great. as i mentioned in the last post, i’m a sucker for mixing old + new. i knew when we bought this old house that i was going to mesh the two together. so here i was scouring the depths of pinterest, you know what i’m saying, right?? so we had house numbers, they were janky little wood numbers. you know the kind that you get at hobby lobby + someone slapped an inadequate coat of black paint on. then on top of that a few days after we moved in we realized we didn’t have a mailbox. yes, i know who takes days to realize that? we do, move on.

i knew i had to get these situations under control. i searched all sorts of things, “contemporary porches”, “modern mailboxes”, ” urban numbers”, and finally “modern house numbers”. obviously you’re reading this because i found what i was looking for under the final phrase.

i saw the soCal option from MHN + was sold. i didn’t care if it was going to be hard to get, these were the one’s for me. they were sleek, they were clean, they were metal, they were powder coated black, all the right things. then i realized this was a small family owned business. you guys know how i feel about small family owned businesses, right? there was no going back, i was already committed, i contacted them before i even showed richard…oops.

so i emailed MHN with my list of questions, because that’s what normal people do right? i received such kind and thoughtful replies. y’all listen to me when i say this, this is why you shop the small business. you talk to a real person. you get real person feedback. you get someone who genuinely cares about your project, you put tacos on someones dinner table. okay back to my point, my questions were met with real answers + i felt so great about the products that were on their way to our little house. richard was also now in the loop + on board. ha.

okay so they arrived + i tore into that box as quick as magnolia shoves random junk in her mouth. they were exactly what i wanted!! just the right touch of modern to go with my little old house. richard made me holdout a few days before he installed them, trying to act like he has a job or something..whatevs. but he says the installation was super simple. he installed both the house numbers + the mailbox numbers in no time. i should also add that the mailbox numbers are one piece, so you don’t have to actually sit there and line up multiple numbers…that’s nice.

i went with the powder coated black, soCal, 4inch option for my house numbers + the white, soCal, 3inch option for my mailbox numbers (two sets). but they also offer five other typefaces besides soCal, a crazy amount of color options, and a multitude of sizes. so now that you’re done reading this, do yourself a favor + update your porch because MHN is so worth it!! + you can totally email them will all of your questions, so that you’re feeling super comfortable before placing your order!!

you can follow them here – facebook + pinterest + instagram

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