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to continue our week of home post i want to tell ya’ll about our last date night.

but first, guys we love group date nights. we like to do them fairly frequently but insert magnolia. hopefully we will get back on track. it’s just so much fun to pull 5 or 6 couples from different groups (this allows our friends to meet one another) out to dinner, kid free every now + again. richard + i love the genuine conversation that stems from sitting around a table.

okay, back to what i was saying. nella, is a pampered chef consultant. she’d mentioned an idea she had for a couples date night. now if you haven’t been to a pampered chef party in a while (or ever) they are so much fun. gone are the days of a consultant just going through a catalog with you. the host(ess) provides the food + all of the guest head to the kitchen to actually prepare a meal together. so nella thought, why not get couples in on the action. of course richard + i said we’d sign up to be her guinea pigs. so each couple had a station (not that we actually followed directions, ha) to prepare part of the meal. and for the most part everyone participated, yes even the guys who don’t get in the kitchen.

i didn’t take a ton of photos because we were having so much fun. but i’m going to steal some from the PC site so i can share the meal we made.

our main dish was a quick korean bbq. we used the new indoor/outdoor grill, which is too great. our friends dave + matt (but probs mostly justina) seasoned + grilled it out…so yummy guys. we also made the slaw pictured with the bbq. we did it separately. so our friends brooks + brittany used the veggie spiralizer on the cucumber, which was so neat. i’m totally ordering that gadget as well!!

our next side dish was a korean kale salad. let me add that i don’t love kale. i mean i get that some people do, but not me. my friend justina makes a soup with kale that’s super tasty, but that’s about it. as it turns out you’re supposed to massage kale so that it’s not so darn hard. so it also turns out, i like kale. we used the garlic press, which is a staple in the riley house + the herb stripper (which i’m totally ordering).

up next was cauliflower rice. y’all. i like cauliflower, but this was delish!! like for real. our friend renee did this with the veggie strip maker, which i own so i’m for sure making this dish again!! i think this was my favorite dish we made.

for desert we had an assortment of fruits + ooey gooey caramel chocolate dip. that stuff was so good. i mean i’m certain it’s not good for me, but..whatevs. okay so we made the dip using the rockcrok everyday pan + slow cooker stand. she used the wicker tray + caddy set  which are oddly great, coming from someone who hates wicker.

we really had so much fun. if you’re in the area i strongly encourage you to get in touch with nella about your own date night (or any type of party, she also has a kids party!!). if you’re not in the area (or don’t like to clean your house) she also offers virtual parties (read you can stay in your pjs).

totally unexpected, remember we were only here to test out an idea, we’re also getting the items we’re ordering free or at a stellar discount. #score. these are a few of the things we’re getting..truth be told i’m still shopping the site.

sauté pan | veggie spiralizer | herb mill | glass mixing bowls | scoop n drain | the corer

if you’re interested in anything, shoot nella a message/DM/email. if you’re interested in ordering something but aren’t the party hosting type of gal (guy) you can shop online here.


see you tomorrow guys!! we’re back on the front porch ++ there may be a end of the week giveaway.


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