i wish you had tacos

y’all this is all i want from everyone who comes to my house. just please always have tacos. please tell me you get what i’m saying??

so we’re finishing up our home week back on the front porch. because duh, this doormat is A M A Z I N G. when we moved i left our old target doormat at the house, because i knew i’d want to replace it with something fresh! so there i was scouring the depths of pinterest…again. so i found this hilarious doormat that said i wish you had tacos..that’s my life guys. so of course i went to the site. so many great things!!!

but also i love this stink more than all the tacos.

okay, besides this stellar example of front door glory, nickel designs shop has a vast assortment of goodies!! ++ she even offers custom doormats. her are a few of my other favorite.

so a little about nickel designs –¬†this soCal gal¬†offers hand-painted, natural coir welcome mats in custom designs and whimsical colors. nickel designs is the clever brainchild of nicole j. tired of not being able to find fabulous welcome mats in stores, she decided to get crafty. nickel was born out of a little frustration and a lot of pent up creativity.

now for the best part of your day. nicole is giving all of you 15% off with the code TACOS15. ya’ll. go get you a new doormat or 7. + these would be great bridal shower, baby shower (see above photo), or housewarming gifts!!

annnndddd even better! we’re (anyone else notice that i think magnolia blogs) giving one away this weekend!! so go do a little shopping, head to our insta, + enter the giveaway!!

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