the water bottle hunt

okay. so i buy water bottles like my life depends on it. and secretly richard does too (he’d never admit it). so of course out kid is going to be super picky when it comes to this department. if you’re a parent i assume you know the struggle of finding the perfect cup, bottle, whatevs it is that your baby drinks from. we’ve wasted a ton of money on sippy cups, 360s, cups + lids, you name it.

magnolia still hasn’t figured out a sippy cup, which i think i’m okay with since she’d have to move to a new cup in a few years anyways. she figured out the 360, but wasn’t super interested in it after the first few days + thought it was funny to throw – they leak when thrown across the dinning room. she really loves the camelbak + so do we, however..tiny babies can’t hold giant water bottles. we went with a stainless cup + a silicone lid for a while, but the cup throwing got the best of the lids + they’re all beat up + leaky.

so insert the squeasy snacker. when we found these obviously we were a little skeptical, you know since we’d already filled a drawer with useless baby drink ware. so i waited a few weeks before sharing it..just in case. but they offer a 3.5oz, which is the perfect size for magnolia (or any baby just starting on water). we also got the 6oz for her, which is great when she gets milk. plus it squeezes, so it’s so easy for her still so tiny hands to hold onto. she thinks she’s so big.

this little guy is made from 100% food grade silicone…read EASYYYYY TO CLEAN. it stands on it’s own, even when she’s squeezed it as tight as she can. it has a no leak lid, that she doubles as a teether (she does that with everything). there is a wide mouth for easy fill up + clean up. it also comes with a spill proof insert included, which is what we’re currently using for water. but because you can take that off easily, you can also use the snacker for snacks. think applesauce, purees, smoothies, you name it. but also i think we’re going to order the 16oz option for richard to use for protein shakes. it’s really such a versatile bottle.

ya’ll this mallet is currently her favorite toy.

all of those above mentioned things are so great. but let me get to my favorite part. these geniuses added a carabiner hole on part of the lid. can i tell you what that does? it allows me to hook her bottle to the high chair cover, so i’m not the mom with a kid throwing her cup across a restaurant. so thank you squeasy snacker for protecting me from the mom shaming (insert praise hands here).

bow | leather bottle holder (cutie clip) | seat cover (read life saver) | one-piece

so with all of that said, we’re sold on the squeasy snacker. and don’t worry, they have boy colors too. because we love it so much, squeasy gear was super generous + provided me with a discount code for you cats. use the code┬áBABY25 for 25% off your order on their site. if you do decide to order, i hope you love it as much as we do!!

-sponsored, but opinions are 100% my own-


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