the float life

i’ll keep this short + sweet. i’m on the hunt for magnolia a pool float..because come on guys, the pool float game is so strong this summer. here are a few options we’re considering (i don’t know why this is such a huge decision). but obviously she doesn’t need five, or does she..

because a swan is so elegant, right?

her ducky is her favorite for bath time + for her tiny pool.

i mean watermelon issss our favorite food.

you guys see why my dramatic decision is getting tough right?

really this one is on the list because it’s silly + she’s got the most glorious blue eyes.

for real though, it’s not that dramatic of a decision, we’re getting her one float. haha, but i thought i’d just share some of our favorites in case anyone else is interested. do any of you have any of these? are you a fan or not so much? magnolia is still pretty small (she’s 14lbs right now) so my one concern is that she may be too small for a we’re welcoming all feedback.


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  1. Heidi
    17th June 2017 / 4:35 pm

    I haven’t had a wee little one in awhile but I DO think you need to look for pool floats with a sun cover. 🙂 Those are awfully cute though!

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