NYC. with a baby.

so yes, if you follow me on the gram you know we’ve been home for a bit. i’m working to figure out how to schedule all my stuff so it actually gets done. whatevs.

but i want to share some of our favorite things to do in NYC when you’re taking a baby along since we received quite a few messages about this. magnolia is a decently chill baby, so i realize that makes traveling so much easier and we’re fortunate. but we also started traveling with her at six weeks, so it’s something she knows. since we started traveling with her so early + plan to continue, we have never had a strict bedtime. we have a strict routine, which i’ve only strayed from maybe three times, but the time is up to her. we’re allowed a little more freedom in things because as long as she’s having fun she stays out late. so there are times we’re the people out + about at ten o’clock with a baby.

i will also add that we carry her, a lot (thank goodness she only weighs 14lbs). she’s not walking yet, but she doesn’t do well in the stroller. if your baby does that’s a way less tiring option for you. we don’t even take our actual stroller on trips with us. she can’t see people + new things the same in a stroller as she can from our height, being carried forward facing, so that’s just a part of our lives right now. we took our solly wrap with us for nap time, but that’s really all we used it for. the logistics of this will get a little harder as she gets a little heavier, but we will adjust to that when the time comes.

first off the subway guys. this kid loves to greet people, i mean for real. when walmart adds that job back in she’s applying. i know lots of people prefer to just take a taxi, but not the riley’s! when she was a newborn the train would lull her to sleep + now she just says “hey” to everyone as they get on + “bye bye” when they leave. it’s the best. and you save money. also obviously i’m not a germaphobe, if you are this probs won’t work for you.

times square. i’m not generally a fan of times square, but lights. magnolia is just like every other eleven month old, she’s into lights + sounds. each time we’d walk her through times square her face would just light up with excitement. she’s big on singing right now, so lots of arm waving and “singing”…read screeching noise.

richards + i enjoy museums. this time i picked, so we went to the cooper hewitt. we usually plan these types of things during a nap time or just after so she can “walk” around. obviously a museum isn’t high on her list of things to do right now. but this one wasn’t super packed so she had everyone’s attention.

street markets are fun for her as well. such a variety of different types of people + things to see. once again, she’s a baby so it’s fun to surround her with new sights, smells, and sounds (this one is her favorite). we let her explore things, with our assistance obviously, but she thinks it’s all so much fun!! especially when there’s some type of music, or food.

parks are also high on her list. and they’re a good way for us to take a break from all the baby carrying. we took our gathre mat with us, which does add a little diaper bag weight but worth it to not sit in mud…even if she’s going to play in it. 

we took her to jane’s carousel, she didn’t hate it. she also didn’t understand the point of it. she was just kind of bored. 

also, give her a room with a giant bed. we stayed in the recently renovated life hotel + she was not disappointed. the floors were hardwood so i didn’t have to worry about her picking up weird stuff to eat out of the hotel carpet. the bathtub was huge so she got to enjoy her normal nightly bath. the room was a generous size for a NYC hotel, so she had room to play while we were in the room. they had apples downstairs so they automatically win in her book. it was a lovely hotel + we totally recommend it! last but not least, she’s our kid, so we feed her…well. but that’s an entirely separate post coming soon.

if you have any questions on specifics please let me know!! we’re totally advocates for baby traveling!!

-certain aspects of this post are sponsored, but opinions are 100% my own-


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