NYC eats. with a baby

as promised. our favorite eats in the city, where magnolia is welcome. we got to new york for food. that’s really it. and our kid eats well. follow the hashtag #magnoliaeatswell for more on that.

magnolia is at the age where a high chair is necessary. like for real y’all. so i try to find spots that provide one, since i’m too stubborn to buy the diaper bag one.  and keep in mind we did BLW so she eats everything we eat, with the exception of honey. and no we don’t jip her on dessert if she eats well. here’s where i’ll add (to avoid the haters in the comments), if that’s not your method that’s okay, she’s our baby + we’ve decided to go this route. okay moving on..

for starters, the smith. the smith is one of my all time favorites with or without baby. we opted for brunch this trip though, since it’s so busy at dinner time – because it’s so delish. this was my one high chair or not selection because i wasn’t missing out. we were pleasantly surprised when the hostess asked if we wanted a high chair (insert praise hands here). our waitress was phenomenal + let us order off a different menu for magnolia since i 1. didn’t want to share my pancakes 2. didn’t think she needed 5 of her own pancakes.

we grabbed a quick bite out first night in the city at the little beet. we just ran in the first place that seemed okay, they didn’t have high chairs but i was starving! it was a create your own type of restaurant with veggie focused dishes. my kid will eat some veggies. as we’ve come to expect in nyc, the customer service was on point – let me add that this is a deal breaker for me, i won’t return if we receive poor customer service – he took the time to let me sample items to make sure they weren’t too spicy (each dish had a ton of flavor, but she won’t eat “spice”). he put her salmon back on the grill so it was well done, without me even having to request it. it was a quick easy bite that we weren’t expecting much out of, but will probably add this little chain to our regular roundup now!!

union fare, because fruity pebble croissant. we just popped in here while hitting up a farmers market. we all three grabbed a croissant + two of us grabbed coffee..she will get her own soon enough, ha! 

bluestone lane cafe – at the church of the heavenly rest. we stumbled across this stunning little cafe before heading to a museum. magnolia needed a quick bite to eat because girlfriend gets hangry. like for real. it’s seriously the cutest thing i’ve ever seen, its nestled right into this glorious church. the staff was amazing + honestly just so cute. they were all super charming well dresses twenty somethings who all giggled at my baby devour a bowl of granola…which was delish!! 

ichiba ramen was magic. literally the best ramen i’ve ever had. plus they were actually super kid friendly. magnolia ate a little from both of our meals + edamame + bean sprouts. someone else please tell me your baby can eat seven servings of bean sprouts too?? also, they have ramen tacos, so do what you want with that information, but i’d book a flight if i were you.

los mariscos is this hidden little gem in the chelsea market. we accidentally found it while waiting in line at the normal taco place. i suppose i can’t actually count it for this post since magnolia didn’t eat there…she slept through this meal. but whatevs, you need to know about this spicy shrimp taco + the guacamole. plus you walk this weird almost inside alleyway to get to a super fun little taco shop!! 

while walking around on the dessert hunt (you know, nightly) we made our way to bunn in the koreatown food court, food gallery 32. richard + magnolia went for a sweet potato bunn + a red bean bunn..totally not dessert. i however went for a nutella taiaki, totally dessert + totally delish. 

if you follow me on the gram you know magnolia loves ice cream. probably way too much, but whatevs she’s a good eater. so i present to you, oddfellows ice cream. for starters all three of us loved our selections. chocotorta for me, coffee crunch for richard, + pb&j for magnolia (this was her first time getting her own cup). secondly, the two gentlemen working the shop that night were so great. we try to make conversation wherever we go + they did not disappoint!! 

levain bakery, because you have to right? we’ve been to the city a few times + i’ve never stopped in for these tourist must haves. so since this was my dessert filled birthday trip we did. and turns out the rumors are true, these giants are amazing!! 

our favorite coffee shop this trip was double dutch. if you ever get a chance to stop in let me tell you the decor is worth the trip. but turns out the coffee didn’t disappoint either. + they use counter culture which happens to be my fave. i mean that’s smooth, right? 

the last stop on this list is dellaroccos pizza. it was one of those “we have got to eat now + they’re open” picks. we were spending the day in brooklyn + hadn’t planned a thing. i went with the buratina, because when you tell me you’re going to cover something in arugula i am sold. i can’t remember what those other two had because i was way too busy with ny tasty meal. 

these are our favorites from this trip. we don’t always have a stellar pick, so obviously we’re not going to share those. if anyone has a great nyc baby friendly restaurant let me know! we’re always up for suggestions!!


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