when you need a rug, but you also have a baby

let me just start this post with the dirty truth. the day after this rug arrived, magnolia rubbed poop on it. now that’s not her normal way of doing things, so it was weird. but hey we got to test it out early.

truth: i let her play with the recycling so i could take a clean room photo.

okay so the point here is, i have a baby but i also have faux wood floors (read tile). her room is so teensy, but i knew i needed something on the floor. i mean tile is hard, so hard + so darn cold. so we’ve been on the rug hunt for a while now. i didn’t want a scratchy rug, because let’s be honest it would break my skin out…it actually has nothing to do with magnolia. but i couldn’t get a giant rug because her room is basically a closet, parenting win. and i for sure didn’t want a super colorful rug, i needed something that would flow well with everything else in the house. don’t worry they offer color too! so i found this round ABC rug from lorena canals, and was so excited. i totally wasn’t looking for a round rug, like wasn’t on my radar at all. but it was for sure the best choice for her small room. it’s a great size to give us a little play area in her room + space for diaper changes (read post intro). andddd…the color is natural, so there’s a win.

the most important thing you need to know is that this rug is machine washable. legit, it will go into your washing machine + not ruin. that is a game changer when you have two dogs + a magnolia. girlfriend gets every single thing on her bedroom floor every single day. but then when you’re done it can go in the dryer…whattttt!! lorena canals rugs + cushions are all machine washable + dryer safe. they will also fit in a standard size washer + dryer…so ignore that we’re at the laundromat #laundryroomissues

she obviously a huge help.

we love this new addition to our home. lorena canals offers a plethora of products for adults + children! plus they have cushions, baskets, blankets, and other fun things! they’re made from all natural dyes, and they’re super cuddly soft. so with that said, i’m totally not worried about magnolia crawling around on floor.

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  1. Heidi
    14th July 2017 / 3:33 pm

    Ha! This is the adorable little post!!! I love how you show Magnolia “helping” to wash the rug that she “christened”. LOL! I agree that this is the perfect rug for this room. I do believe it makes it look so spacious and cozy! I love the neural color too!

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