reese’s puffs ice cream sandwiches

y’all. let’s all have a moment of silence for reese’s puffs.

okay moving on, but man is that the best cereal or what?? so, as some of you know, i’m a pampered chef consultant, when i got this ice cream sandwich mold in i was sooooo excited!! because who doesn’t love an ice cream sandwich? our website has a recipe for fruity pebbles ice cream sandwiches, which will probs also be amazing. but i couldn’t not try it out with reese’s puffs + coffee ice cream.

all in the name of transparency, they didn’t turn out perfect. i mean they will be eaten, one already has been. next round i’ll use my manual food processor to chop up the cereal a little bit, round cereal allows ice cream to flow through. i think that’s where the fruity pebbles would prove the better option, since they’re smaller.i also tried to cheat + used marshmallow fluff rather than actually using marshmallows. but i didn’t cut the amount so my sandwiches are a little stickier than i anticipated…but whatevs. next time around i think i’ll use 2c of marshmallow fluff.  

if you’d like any info on the ice cream sandwich maker, hit me up…i’ll get you the dets. or head to my fb page to follow more fun recipes – here


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