about us

hello, hello

i’m nichole; the girl behind this crazy little mess.

a few bits of information for those of you just meeting us

i am loved so deeply by my Lord, and cannot fathom why He chose to save folks like us (but man do i feel better knowing He did). we will talk about that a good bit. the hubs + i live in a little town north of atlanta. we live in a new house that we’re trying our hardest to trick folks into thinking it’s 100 years old (it works sometimes). in a few short months we will both be in the dreadful 30’s (what do you even do when you’re 30). we’re the thankful owners of a little tee company that the Lord has trusted us with for a few years now – imperishable clothing co (but he’s actually an electrical engineer). we try to spend as much time with our church family as we can, they’re really great people.  also i don’t like capital letters, i’m sorry for those of you having a hard time not judging.

oh, and now we have a baby.  this is magnolia

this little corner of the world will be used for lots of things; mommin, baby, fostering + everything that comes along with that (some post will be me asking you “what do i do”), owning a business, growing a mixed family, shopping for antiques (read junk sometimes), pinterest fails, you know the normal stuff.

we’re so glad you stopped in, if have questions feel free to contact me?


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  2. Shawn M Pierce
    2nd February 2017 / 5:47 pm

    Hello Nicole!
    I love your clothing! Wondering if you will be restocking some items soon? Or will you have NEW products coming?
    I check your site almost monthly and I’m always excited to find NEW sweatshirts, long sleeve tee’s (I live in MN)

    Thank you & Bless You!


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