oily life

y’all. essential oils have become such a crazy great part of our life. they’ve seriously been a total game changer in our home + we want to share why.

first off i’m going to give you the lowdown on why we went hippie.

so a while back i was hit with food poisoning. it took its toll on me + i ended up in the hospital for way longer than i care to ever do again. my option was to stay on medication for who knows how long. so while there i researched these crazy bottles of plant juice. i was curious about them + how they could help me + all my crazy issues. plus i mean they looked fun + i assumed they smelled lovely. as a family, we had already started working towards a more natural lifestyle (but yes i also eat reese’s puffs on occasion 😏).

i decided to order the premium starter kit from young living (read all of the most commonly used oils + a diffuser) then dove in head first. once i got my kit i really had zero idea about what i was doing. i knew i wanted to make sure i knew how to use them so i spent so much time researching + asking questions. our house is now at the point where we can’t like without our oils, they’re seriously a part of all three daily routines. and we’re not ever turning back.

now don’t read this + think our house is 100% toxin free. i mean we’re working towards a clean, chemical free home but we’re not there yet. we do love this healthier lifestyle, such as supporting our immunity with thieves, upping our sleep game with lavender on repeat nightly, and even soothing magnolia’s teething discomfort with a little homemade roller blend.

i’ll also add that we have a stellar online community that alone is worth the started kit cost! and we often use our two favorite books to make sure what we’re using for magnolia is diluted properly, oil + glass and gentle babies.

if you’re unfamiliar with oils + want to get a little more info on the starter kit, head here.

if you’re not already following on the gram head to @_nicholeriley to see how we use them most as a family.

we really hope you’ll join us + end up as in love with this lifestyle as we are.